One moment in time……..

11 Aug

It’s one month today since we got married.

This time last month I was busy getting my hair done (3 hours!!) and frantically trying to round up my family to get them where they needed to be. No, I wasn’t a “Bridezilla” but I may have been close, it depends on who you ask.

One month on, I’ve been up for five hours and am still not dressed. I’m not entirely sure when I last washed my hair or shaved my legs. But I am unreservedly and singularly happy!!

Does marriage change everything? No. Putting on a new shiny ring doesn’t change people, even if they get all dolled up to do it.  It does change some things though. You have to start thinking of yourselves as a “unit”,  more so than when you we dating (or whatever).  Having a child makes that a little more of a challenge. We are a family unit. But we need to be a “united” couple, for we are the foundations upon which this family is based.

One month ago we had a great day. Now, the onus is on us to make this a great life. Should we mark this “anniversary”? Maybe in some small way. It was “one moment in time”, but it was the moment that bonded us together. Forever!!

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2 Responses to “One moment in time……..”

  1. slugs on the refrigerator August 11, 2009 at 2:10 pm #

    lovely post and so true…the wedding is just a moment in time, its what you do with it that matters.

    • turtleturtleturtle August 11, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

      I hate the “My wedding is my dream” mentality, and the idea of spending tens of thousands on a wedding. It’s not about the wedding. It’s about the marriage. (Spot the newlywed! 😉 )

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