14 Aug

When you have a baby, no one warns you that your only topic of conversation for quite some time (not sure how long, as I’m still in the midst of it) will be sleep. “Does he sleep?” “Is he a good sleeper?” “How many hours sleep does he get a night?” And my all time favourite “Does he still wake up in the night?” The “still” is usually a bit incredulous, slightly manic. Of course he wakes up in the night. Still. I wake up in the night. Because I have to pee (getting old). Because I’m thirsty. Because I’m hot. Because I need to roll over.  I’m thirty years old and cannot sleep through the night (unless I have drink taken, still have to pee sometimes though). Why would my child have some kind of mystical powers (that I don’t have) that would allow him to sleep through the night? He wakes up. We all do. Now though, he’s learning to go back to sleep himself. Soon, I’ll be under the illusion that he sleeps through the night. He was always “a good sleeper”. But soon, when someone asks “Does he still wake up in the night?” I’ll be able to answer in the negative and pick up my Good Parent Badge – Sleep. Then my collection will be almost complete 😉



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