16 Sep

We moved into this house about two months or so ago.  If I knew what day it was I might be more precise – sleep is a rarity around here at the moment – I barely know my own name. Anyway, we moved here so that we’d have a garden, or a yard. Somewhere for the little turtle to play outside – safely. First it was too hot. Then we discovered that some of the grass was thorny (we have the worst looking lawn in the neighbourhood, and it’s not likely to get any better as we don’t know how to take care of lawn in this climate. Watering the grass sounds like insanity to me!!) Then there were ants. Now, now there are hornets. So we can’t play in the yard even if it is a bit cooler. Thwarted by Mother Nature and her steroid-ridden Floridian bugs.  Florida’s Mother Nature is not the airy-fairy kindly figure I’d imagined. She’s mean. I don’t think she meant for human beings to live here.

bird feeder

This is my “bird feeder” that saw not one bird. Not one.  How then is it empty? Ants. Ants climbed up the tree and ate all of the seed. What now do I do? Leave the rest of the bird seed in the garage to go mouldy? Or feed the ants. The nasty biting ants that I don’t want to encourage. The birds don’t really need feeding. They are able to look after themselves. So are the ants. But the little turtle loves looking at birds. He is much better at spotting them than I am, with my poor old myopic eyes. It’d be nice to have them in the garden.  But it would seem it is not to be so. Thwarted by Mother Nature again.

So all of my thoughts of “getting back to nature” must fall by the wayside. Nature doesn’t want me near her. But I’ll figure out how to get rid of hornets and I’ll show her! At least until she has an alligator or something move into my backyard.


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