He put my heart crossways!

18 Sep

We went down to the beach yesterday evening, as we do on many an evening, to stretch out the time my little turtle can last until dinnertime so we can all eat together. He was in all his gear. Swimming nappy, check. Trunks, check. Swimming shirt, check. Aquasocks, absent – they just filled with sand last time and made him fall over. We can’t just go to the beach “for a walk” because he is like a whirlwind and I can’t stop him from getting in the water. Well, of course I CAN stop him, he’s only small. I can take him. But he’s much more determined and energetic than I am. So there we were, wandering up and down the sand, in and out of the water. Having a ball. I was very wet, despite being in an airy fairy skirt and top – no walking to the beach in a swimsuit for me, ever. And getting dressed/undressed with a small whirlwind in close proximity to the water. It’s just beyond my capabilities.

We were having great fun. Then the turtle sat in the sand. And I let go of his hand, as the water was quite a bit away. When in crashes a big wave, knocks him flat on his back and (in my mind) pulls him into the ocean. It was, in reality, an inch or two. But at the time……..

He put my heart crossways!!

And what did he do? Stand up and start running towards the water.  He would not be deterred. Laughing like a hyena. Shaking his head to get the water out of his ears. Blathering away to himself. Not a bother on him.

I had to gather him up and bring him home.  I’m still not right.

Him though? Raring to go.

June-July 226


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