To do list

21 Sep

Obviously, you must take it as read that I have all of the mundane everyday things to do too. Hoovering, laundry, dishes, sweeping, mopping, dusting, window-washing, you name it, I need to do it. Except ironing. I don’t believe in it. And won’t be doing it. Ever.

I also need to get my ass in gear in the garden – we got a list of ‘violations” in the door this morning, but what with the hornets and everything else I can’t really take the little turtle out there and it is usually dark by the time the hubby gets home. Gardening in the dark? I think not. Can’t have the lights on at night until next month because of the turtles anyway. So we have until Thursday to sort the garden out, otherwise the rental company will send in their people and charge us $50 to cut the grass and not do anything else on the list. So we’ll be back in the doghouse next week. It’s military housing, so we have to meet military standards!

So what about this “To do list”? Alright, these are things I want to do to make myself feel more human again. I have found it hard since moving over here to meet people. So have no friends. Just a crochety teething baby for company during the day and a crochety, overworked husband for company in the evening. I’d like to become more self-reliant when it comes to amusing myself and making myself happy.  Self-fulfillment is perhaps what I’m after.

  • Read more. So less TV! And mindless hours on the internet!
  • Get back to studying Japanese. I used to be proficient to a conversational level. And Kanji (the Chinese characters) fascinate me.
  • Finish the interminable blanket I’ve been making. I may not like the colours, but I’ll happily do a jig and display it proudly when I’m done! I just have to scallop the edges, because they’re a bit wonky and uneven.
  • Yoga – I used to go to a class when I was in Japan, and while I was useless, it was great fun. So I need to make time to do it again. If I can’t find a class, I can do it by myself.
  • Crochet, once the interminable blanket is finished, I’m not to give up! I have Christmas decorations to make, as we are starting from scratch this year. And if the decorations are crocheted, the little turtle won’t be able to break them (I hope!)
  • Walking – I need to get out of the house more. And as I can’t drive, this may well be my only option. Good thing I enjoy it! I just need to make sure I’m orgaised enough in the mornings to get out before it gets too hot, at least until it cools down a bit.
  • And a short term one – sort out bed linens for our new bedroom. We’ll be moving upstairs next week and the hubby and I will have our own room for the first time since we got married. I’m terribly excited. I want it to be special. As much as I love the little turtle, I’m looking forward to having a space that is just ours.

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