Treasure house

24 Sep

I kind of covet one of these

At the same time, I must wonder about myself. And I absolutely must conclude that if I were an eskimo, people would have no bother selling ice to me. None whatsoever. Because as I survey the domain that is my dining room (slash study slash computer room slash toy shop) I can see that the little turtle has all manner of containers filled with “treasure”.  Indeed if I take a short walk to the kitchen he has an entire cupboard filled with “treasure”. Things he has swiped, magpie-like, as interesting and shinyas well as things I have contributed as “educational” and fun (not to mention shiny!) In fact, when we were in Ikea at the weekend, the hubby vetoed the idea of getting pot holder yokes, because “I understand the idea of them, but I know they would just end up all over the house and never save the table for hot pots”. I think the poor honey is upset that his obsession with preference for coasters is being ignored by everyone, especially the youngest member of our household who can not be persuaded to leave them alone and is verging on being as obsessed with them as his daddy! Poor daddy! He said just the other day that he is just getting used to having things lying all around the house. Apparently it used to make him really uncomfortable (in a skin-crawly kind of way). Now he has to shake out his boots every morning before he puts them on because they are the best hiding place for treasures that the little turtle has found.

I love the idea of treasure baskets though. And I love the look on the little turtle’s face when he gets hold of “real” things. He’s delighted with himself. Usually he’ll just try and play the drums with whatever it might be, but sometimes he tries to copy what he has seen us do. The best “toys” in the world belong to mammy and daddy. Pity it doesn’t stop mammy and daddy from buying more toys because in reality he needs very little. Daddy’s boots, a tupperware container and a few spoons can keep him amused for ages.  Real life “toys” are the business!


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