My new friend, Stephanie Plum

1 Oct

I may have mentioned before (once or twice or a million times) that I love reading. Love, love, love it. I’ll read anything. Anything at all. But for some reason I gave Janet Evanovich and the Stephanie Plum novels a wide berth. Literary snobbery? Unlikely. I just bought a Murder She Wrote last week. Anyway, seeing as the little turtle has given up on breastfeeding all of a sudden, I am spending a lot of time in the bath. Reading. Stephanie Plum. And I love her. I’ve read the first two just this past week.

She is well written, funny, down to earth and to some extent I’m able to identify  with her. Wouldn’t we all love to be bounty hunters? Deep down, in our heart of hearts? I know I would! And so, I’m going to read the entire series. I have plenty to be getting on with. And I’m madly excited! Just need to wrangle in a trip to the bookstore as I don’t have any more to hand at the moment.

It’s funny how the smallest things – like reading a book, or finding a character that you like can make the world seem like a much better place. Even if I am sitting here in my pajamas, trying to muster up the energy to clear up the gazillion Cheerios on the floor (from the picnic the little turtle “fixed” for himself this morning) and do the laundry and all of the other things that need doing. I can look forward to escaping into Stephanie Plum’s world over the weekend. It’ll break up the monotony of picking up breakfast cereals off of the floor. (Note to self, buy some of those plastic container things for cereal!)


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