Friday Five

9 Oct

Five things I miss about Ireland:

  • I actually miss the cold and the wet weather. I know, I live in Florida and I’ve no right to be complaining, but God the sun gets on your nerves after a while. It’s October. There’s no sign of Autumn, never mind Winter. There’ll be no snuggling up in front of a fireplace this year.
  • Footpaths. Whatever about the rest of the country, Florida just doesn’t seem to be a pedestrian-friendly place. Footpaths just stop in the middle of nowhere. Without warning. Usually just a few hundred yards form wherever it is I want to go. Cue the mad foreigner trying to push a buggy through grass/sand/dunes/water trying really hard to get to that place, just there.
  • Washing machines with temperature settings. Even Farenheit would do, I’m bound to figure it out eventually, surely? But this “Warm”, “Hot”, “Cold” business just isn’t cutting it. Your “warm” and my “warm” are not necessarily the same. The “warm” on my washing machine seems to be rather “hot”. I want temperature settings!!
  • Bathrooms with the light switches outside the door. Yes, they can be annoying when you have brothers and sisters who insist on turning off the light as soon as you go in there, but you don’t have to worry about being electrocuted when you’re at the sink! Not that I’m worried all of the time, it just pops into my head sometimes. I must have seen some mad safety video when I was a kid. It’s still working!
  • Bread. Just ordinary, every day, not the most nutritious thing in the world, white sliced pan. I would covet brown, but there’s no point trying to get my hopes up! Yes there is white sliced pan here, it’s just laced to the gills with sugar. To the gills. The best I’ve found has 1g. Someday I’ll make my own. Until then though, the quest continues!

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