10 Oct

I think I may say I have well and truly arrived in America. I spent last night putting some Halloween “decorations” together and this morning weeding the garden so I could put them out. And the results are, well, abysmal enough:Halloween 1Halloween 2I had great intentions of making little ghosts myself out of plastic bags – we have so many, we’ll drown in them soon, before I can crochet anything out of plarn – so I went to the Dollar store to get some black markers or construction paper or something to do the faces. And I came across some plastic bags with the faces already drawn on. For a dollar. So I had to buy them. To assuage my guilt somewhat about buying what are essentially plastic bags, I stuffed their heads with some plastic bags from the cupboard. So a bit of a recycling project. Not a great one. But a bit of one. Of course, if I had my wits about  and thought about it a little bit, I could have made them out of old tea towels and pillowcases. A proper project. To be proud of. And bring with us when we move across the country. Oh well. I’m still a bit of a novice. Not just at craft-y business, but at this whole “decorating” for Halloween malarkey. Halloween may have its origins in Samhain but I wouldn’t have said either of them were a big deal in Ireland now. They’ve been given over to the children (at least in the north west, where I’m from). Here, it seems people throw themselves into the entire thing wholeheartedly – a Halloween shop just opened in the Mall, and people, in this neighbourhood anyway, have had Halloween decorations up since October first!! (One neighbour has a six foot by six foot inflatable pumpkin/Jacko’lantern in the front yard!) So I was shamed into putting up decorations. There’s going to be a street festival on our street for Halloween, so I thought we had better “get into the spirit”! We need to buy candy too. Can’t give out home made stuff. People will think it’s poisonous or diseased or something, I’m not sure on the details of that but how sad, to be that suspicious of your fellow human beings! I suppose you have to be. And when the little turtle is old enough to go Trick or Treating, no doubt I’ll be down at the police station getting his little bag of candy x-rayed, along with everyone else.

I must go now, and get ready for a barbeque. And check on the mac and cheese I have in the crockpot. See, I am becoming “Americanised”! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! 😉


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