Small things

13 Oct

Isn’t it funny how small things can knock you completely off kilter?

On Sunday I went to get some new bras, as excited as a small child going to the fairground. I went to Victoria’s Secret. One of the sales assistants asked if I needed help. I said “No, thanks, just looking”, she looked me up and down and replied “Well the sales rack is over there, that’s probably what you’re looking for anyway.” Completely burst my bubble. Ok, so usually I am looking for the sales rack, but not that day. That day felt like it should be a rite of passage. Like buying your first bra. A special day. Not a sales rack day. So that comment made me cry. I didn’t break down in the store. But I did shed a tear or two walking down the mall. It took me half an hour to gather myself together before I could go back to the hubby and the little turtle. No bras were bought that day.

So the whole bra-buying expedition was a little tainted after that. I did go to JCP yesterday and pick up some nice bras that seem to fit just fine. I didn’t have the heart to get measured or look for advice or anything like that though. Maybe another day. When it’s just something ordinary again. When the shiny glittery feeling I’d bestowed on it can’t be tarnished.


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