14 Oct

The funny thing about family is that they’re usually either so close you want to strangle them or so far away you miss them. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium. Not in mine, at any rate. I was lucky growing up, my extended family, for the most part, lived no more than 30 miles away. And Ireland being Ireland, even the furthest flung of the clan were no more than 4 hours away. We didn’t live in one another’s pockets but you always knew they were there, willing to make tea and sandwiches or mop the floor in an emergency. The little turtle won’t really have that. Everyone is far, far away. (Except my mother, she’s arriving tomorrow for a month!!!!! Waaaah! Yay!?) I still want his family members to be familiar to him. For him to be comfortable with them when they come to stay. Or when we go to visit. This is all the more important because we’ll be moving around and I’m not sure how much “community spirit” and rapport we’ll be able to build up when we’re moving all the time. So the best way to foster familiarity is, I think, with photos. Not the kind we had in our house: “Don’t touch that, you’ll break it”; “Hold it by the corners, the corners, I said!!” but photos he can play with and touch. So I put this together.Picture 006And I even managed to hang it up before the little turtle grew up and moved out of the house!Picture 007He sits and looks at it almost every day. Pointing things out in the pictures that I hadn’t even noticed.

So my plan was, to take these:turtles 019paint them nice vibrant colours and put the same photos in them so that the little turtle could have them in his room and play with them. However, the project took so long I forgot that I had intended to put the same pictures in these frames (until I came across the copies the other day and spent a good five minutes scratching my head wondering why I had another set of them!) So I put in different pictures. They didn’t come out too badly I think:Picture 005(Sorry for the blurriness, batteries were going in the camera.)

So now he can sit and chew them and slobber them to his heart’s content. I scrubbed them with a ball of tinfoil to “weather” them, well, more to get the excess paint off really. Still though, I like how they came out. Not perfect. Just so. Of course next time (hah!) I’ll buy stencils and stickers and all the mad things I’ve seen at the craft store for exactly this kind of project. And when I take that photo it won’t be blurry! 😉 It’ll be more like this one:Picture 004This one came out the best I think. Because there was no paint involved. Just variegated wool. Wrapped round and round.


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