Time to breathe….

19 Oct

…I now have some. And I don’t know what to do with myself! My mother and aunt are here visiting and they’ve hijacked the little turtle. Dancing around like lunatics. Laughing like hyenas. They’re having a great time. And from time to time I get to sit around. Relaxing. When I’m not joining in. But today I found myself hoovering. Hoovering! Instead of taking the time to sit. Read. Crochet. Study. Anything!

There will be no hoovering tomorrow.

I will take the time I now have and use it for myself. Shower everyday. Go to the loo with the door closed. Revisit my to-do list. Enjoy some one on one time with the hubby. And not care if the house falls down around my ears. Of course I will also spend some time with my visitors.

Fun will be had by all.


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