Words, words, everywhere!

21 Oct

We’re having a vocabulary explosion over here. Explosion. Even a sentence or two. His favourite? “Don’t do that!” (accompanied by some finger pointing and head shaking, followed by laughter).

It would seem that Granny is better at interpreting what the turtle says than Mammy. She’ll figure it out, repeat it to him, properly, and he’ll clap for her. Then the two of them will practice the same word/phrase all day. It would seem that Granny has more patience for that kind of thing than Mammy does. He’ll be telling epic tales (filled with turtles) by the time she leaves.  A right little chatterbox.  I’m hoping this means we can sidestep mad tantrums (of course we’ll have some), but if he’s able to communicate he won’t  need (?) to tantrum (as much!)

So he’s having the time of his life. And I’m getting to shower everyday. Life is good. I’m off to Miami this weekend with the hubby, a “mini break”. Bliss.


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