I wonder…..

22 Oct

Do you ever wonder who your child will be?

At the moment I have a small boy who loves animals, singing , dancing, talking and people. All small children are greeted with a “Hey baby!” and a little wave (said in a lower tone of voice than anything else he has to say). He smiles at everyone and will walk up to people and “talk” to them. Blathering away to his heart’s content. Turtles have to be greeted too. And chatted to. For ages. Water has to be splashed. He can spot Elmo and Spiderman from miles away. They get a wave. And books? He loves books. Loves, loves, loves them.

Music, water and books. That’s all we need in this house. Maybe that’s all anyone needs.

It will be interesting to see if his love of these things will follow him into adulthood. Will he still be an outgoing little flirt? A chatterbox? A bookworm? A musician? A water baby? All of these things?

I wonder…..

Who will your child be?

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