23 Oct

I’ve been frequenting these things for the past few weeks in an effort to “socialize” one of the few small boys in the world who probably doesn’t really need it. And also to make friends for myself because I know no one. No one but the hubby and the little turtle. So now these things are akin to a new religion for us. We’re devoted. Mainly because the little turtle loves them. There are usually a lot of “Hey baby!”s. And hugs for “babies” who don’t want them. A lot of blathering. And running around like a little lunatic. Brilliant!

Me? What am I doing? Well, I always seem to end up playing with other people’s children.  My fella amuses himself. And I play ball or peekaboo or sing with other children. Like an eejit. I don’t know. I can’t ignore a small child when they want to play. Or talk to me. So now I do have friends. More small children.

I don’t understand the laws of these places. I’m there to get out of the house too. And talk to “grown ups”. I’m not there to ignore my child (except to randomly shout “Share!” Sharing’s great and all, but ALL of the time? How can I teach him that he can’t have everything if everyone hands him everything because they’re told to “SHARE!” Rant over. For now!).

I would like to think that if someone spent a half an hour showing the little turtle how to put coloured blocks into corresponding holes, I’d at least say “Hello”.

Oh well.

I’m going to try one more group. And talk to a “grown up”. Even though it’s the small fry that seem to be making more sense to me these days!?!


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