30 Oct

Another “productive” day yesterday. Yay! Unfortunately though, productive in this case means I “produced” something (well, one thing), rather than accomplishing lots of things (big or small). And the thing I did? I put together a flat pack bookcase that has been sitting on the landing for three or four weeks. Out of the box. Just sitting there. Annoying me, morning and evening. But boy was I sorry. The bloody thing had my heart scalded by the time I had finished. Sadly I’m one of those people who won’t let things get the better of me, no matter how mad I get or how long it takes. I would still be there if I hadn’t gotten it finished, cursing like a fishwife and sweating like a pig. Pure bull headedness. Bull headedness that means I’ll get it done come hell or highwater. Ass backwards if need be. And woe betide anyone who criticises my method or indeed the finished product. Thankfully though, the bookcase seems to have ended up as the manufacturer intended. Ready and waiting for the hubby’s book that need a new home, away from sticky fingers with a penchant for tearing things. The expected date of completion for the entire project – oh, Christmas I’d say, if all of the hubby’s first editions and whatnot haven’t been eaten by then. For now, I don’t want to look at the bookcase for more than the few seconds it takes me to pass by it.

Next time, next time, we are buying already assembled furniture. And it will be delivered. Put in place by professionals. While I drink coffee and eat cake. Perhaps laugh.

Unless, my anger at an inanimate object metamorphoses into pride at my “accomplishment”. Picture 008


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