“Good boy”

9 Nov

I’m hearing this a lot lately. And it’s grating a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, the hubby and I praise the little turtle all the time. He’s our first born and, as such, is a little genius who must be told so at every available opportunity. Not only that, his geniusness gets documented photographically and videographically all the time. My poor Facebook account is heaving with photos and videos of some of the more mundane aspects of our lives. So, praise is good. Or at least present in our lives. I do wonder about too much praise and raising a needy little so and so, but for the moment at least, I can’t help it.

Why then is it grating on my nerves at the moment? Well I have my mother and my aunt staying. And they’re always at it. The especially annoying bit is the chorus of “Good boy” when he’s eating. I had just nagged cajoled convinced the hubby that praising him for eating was a slippery slope. That we wanted him to eat because he was hungry, not because it elicited praise from us. So, praising him for using his cutlery was ok, but praising him for clearing his plate when he wasn’t hungry was not. And to be fair to the hubby, he jumped on this bandwagon fairly lively, even explaining it to his parents when they praised the little turtle for eating. Why have I not done the same thing? Well, I just don’t have the energy. They’re only here for another week (and a bit). To bring it up now, well it might seem a bit churlish. They’ve done an awful lot of babysitting this past month, and I’m hoping they’ll do a bit more, so I’m grinning and bearing it. A month filled with praise for thisOctober 274isn’t going to put him up or down. Right????


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