The end of an era….

17 Nov

A very short era, I grant you. But an era nonetheless. My mother and aunt are heading back to Ireland today. Homeward bound. So myself and the hubby will no longer have live-in babysitters at our beck and call, allowing us to flit about Central Florida like teenagers or the carefree twenty-somethings we no longer are.  We have been revisiting our youth a little bit this past month. Or at least the pre-turtle days. And it was nice. I won’t deny that. Time for just the two of us. But we had no time for just the three of us. And I missed that. So, even though I’ll miss them a lot. I’m a little glad that they’re off. The house will be awful quiet though, they’re always up to some kind of devilment. But there’s no doubt that my mother, at least, will be back. Probably before I’ve had time to give the guest room a good clean up.


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