Friday Five!

20 Nov

Five things “we” “made” yesterday (if the words “we” and “made” are true!):

  • some lovely new pictures for daddy, a collaborative effort, involving Thomas and some other trains.The fun lasted a good 15 minutes. A brilliant idea from Slugs on the Refrigerator. I’m thinking next time some stamping with his animals (the toy ones! The toy ones!), as I’m too lazy for the whole potato stamping mallarkey. I think we’ll need poster paints for that though. Do finger paints freak anyone else out? I certainly don’t remember them from my childhood. Gooey yuckiness. Apparently they taste awful too. There was much yucking from the little turtle when he gave them a go. The results:Geniusness! And surprisingly easy to clean up after. His trains needed a good washing anyway!
  • Gyoza. Wontons? Yumminess! Time consuming yumminess! It took me ages to figure out how to fold them. The Japanese wrappers are round, these were square. Not noticing the difference, in any real way, I couldn’t understand why they weren’t coming out in the shape I wanted them to! Needless to say, if I’d had round wrappers, these would be very professional-looking indeed. Restaurant quality 😉 The “recipe” is minced pork, half a raw egg, and some chopped onions, mixed together. Put some of this mixture into a wonton wrapper and brush the edges with the other half of the egg, so it’ll stay together. Fold as you like. Cover the bottom of the pan with water, a couple of mm deep and add a drop of oil. Put in the wontons and cover. 5- 10 minutes or so, until the water has evaporated and the oil gives you a crispy bottom (on your wontons!). Or you can deep fry them. Serve with dipping sauce – soy, vinegar and Chinese five-spice. Put the excess wonton wrappers in a ziploc bag in the fridge, where you won’t come upon them again until the New year, when they’ve shrivelled up beyond all recognition. Or maybe that’s just me. (If you make  them before you cook them, cover them with a damp (clean) dishtowel before you put them in the fridge, to stop them from getting dessicated).
  • Potato balls. My contribution for the thanksgiving party at the hubby’s office. I did want to make these, but couldn’t find an icing bag and nearly had a meltdown on Wednesday when my ingenious plastic bag with icing nozzle squeezed in one corner didn’t work. So potato balls it had to be. How could you go wrong with potatoes, bacon, onion and cheese (cheddar, parmesan and cream) covered in breadcrumbs? Well, they might be a bit dry. I have to find some kind of dipping sauce for them. Cream cheese-y business? Ketchup?
  • A “water park”. A small boy and a hose. Genius!
  • A happy boy.

(Now I’m off, before anyone asks me about all the tantrums and meltdowns we had in between these 15 minute idylls. And I have cookies in the oven and a carrot salad thing to make, because potato balls weren’t enough of an effort to make. Madness!)


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