I’m hoooooooome!

3 Dec

And I couldn’t be more delighted! Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of fun, but boy is it nice to be home.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever felt so joyful  about getting home before in my entire life. Before it always meant facing into a pile of laundry and housework (and it still does), but now, we have a routine (Ha!) of sorts and our own ways of doing things. And it would seem that none of us react well to interference, no matter how kindly meant. It makes us ratty. Rattier.

So now we’re home (alone!), we can get back on track with pottying, crocheting, eating, reading, and general mischieving.

Pottying. Was at an almost complete standstill for the week. Almost, because we had two poops in the toilet! Very thrilling, because any other time I’ve tried him on the toilet he baulked. Being without the potty for a week doesn’t seem to have phased him though. It was all systems go again once we got back. It had to be. Dreadful disposables and no nappy-free time led to a horrible rash.  Now he’s back to running around the house half naked again, he’s as happy as a lark.

Crocheting. A complete standstill. I didn’t bring any with me. I should have. But I didn’t. I still haven’t finished the decorations for the in-laws. Or started the ones for ourselves. I keep getting distracted by other things. Which is why I have nothing done. Except bits of reindeer and a bit of a stocking. And dreams of salt dough ornaments and maybe some of these. The tree goes up next week! Wahhhhh! There might be a stocking on it. Might.

Reading. Actually I got a fair bit of reading done while I was there. A book and a half. Whoop! I’m currently reading What mothers do and loving it. I might even finish it before Christmas! And read it again. And again and again.

General mischieving. Ah, the general mischieving was severely hampered while we were on our holliers. A constant chorus of “Be careful”; “What are you doing?”; “Don’t do that”; “Come here” etc etc etc tends to hamper any mischieving one might like to do. The turtle did his best though. He’ll be a defiant little so and so. He would just look and grin and do whatever it was he wasn’t supposed to do anyway. Then he’d run away. Laughing. It was hard not to cheer him on.

So we’re home. Our first Thanksgiving over. Thankfully.


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