Making and doing

4 Dec

There has been some craftiness going on around here! More messing with bits of paper than anything, but it’s the effort that counts, right!?

Look at what we madeA turtle! Surprised? Life is all about turtles around here. It kept us amused for a good half an hour. Longer if you count the clean up. Even longer when you include the time spent chasing a small boy who was eating bits of tissue paper while laughing uproariously and shouting “Don’ do tha!”

I’m thinking we will knock even more fun out of this turtle if I thread a string through him and make him into a kind of pull along toy. He should last a good five more minutes at that. What more can you expect from a few bits of tissue paper and a paper plate? Not much, she says, scratching her head, wondering about tissue paper, cotton wool, paper plates and bits and pieces dressed up as Santa or angels? Ooooh!

Expect more pictures like this:


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