Christmas is coming!!!!!

8 Dec

And I’m ridiculously excited. The lights are up outside – with some swearing and mad dashes to Lowes and Walmart by the hubby. He said I was the only person he would run all over town looking for lights for (being complete amateurs, we didn’t know how many we’d need, or even how to hang them up).  Sweet, isn’t he? Not so sweet was the look of abject horror when I reminded him he’d be doing this every year from now until forever. Oh well. I’m sure there’ll be fewer mad dashes next year. Mwahahahaha.

The tree and the crib will go up today. So that means I have today (the few minutes himself naps for!!) to make a tree skirt, stockings for us all and finish the decorations I’ve started, along with a few more or things will be miserable indeed. How and ever, I shall struggle on. The only real major thing that has to be done, I think, is the tree skirt. That way the tree can be lashed to the table securely but  still look nice. We’re hoping that if it’s up on an end table it won’t come to too much harm. We’ll see. Having bought an ornament that looks like a turtle and another that looks like Elmo, I’m not sure this theory will hold up.

Now, for some of the things I’ve been slaving away over

(Clicking on the individual pictures will take you to the sites of the wonderful people who designed the ornaments.)

There are plans afoot to make some salt dough ornaments too. And maybe some of these. As well as a kit yoke full of ornaments I bought the other day on impulse.

Now, I’m off, there’s work to be done! If I can stop crocheting those stars……….


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