That’s it. I’m done.

10 Dec


How many times should I bang my head against a brick wall before I stop and realise it hurts?

We went yesterday. And no one was there. No one. After all of the exhortations to make sure and come because there was some kind of crafty-thing on. There was not a soul.

It’s so maddening. Getting us up and dressed and out the door for nothing. Although the turtle did have a fairly good time throwing stones down the drain and running up and down the ramp. I was just mad.

They have a Yahoo group, but my “membership is pending”, despite having been going to it for a couple of months now. Grrr!

I just don’t understand it. It’s run hosted by affiliated with the Base. There’s always at least one, if not three people from the Base there. Paid to be there. And run it. So presumably one of them should send out an e-mail to everyone saying what’s on or a meeting has been cancelled or whatever. But no, it’s one of the other mothers.


I was going so that I could try and meet some people. Any one would do, but being a Base thing I thought I would meet some other mothers in a similar position to me. Away from their families and friends, in a new place, at home all day with a small child. Dying for someone to talk to. But no. They’re all friends with one another already. Most of them are from here, their husbands retired and working on the Base as civilians.

All of my attempts at conversation seemed shunned. One or two word answers. No follow up. Nothing. Now I’m not great at meeting new people. I don’t like it. Nor do I like talking to strangers. But I have practiced and practiced. I used to teach “conversation” when I was in Japan. I can now make small talk with the best of them. But when you’re met by a brick wall? I just can’t be bothered any more. So I’m not going back.

I am a little worried though. We’ll be moving in the Summer, not sure where yet, but far away. So I’ll be in the same position again. New place, no friends or family. It’s a little disheartening to think about. Especially as I have tried so hard to meet people here.

It’s frustrating.

Woe is me.

Woe is me.


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