Friday Five

11 Dec

Five things that I, as a small, 16 month old boy know to be true:

  • Cars and trains are brilliant. And anything can be one. Grape halves and ice cubes make especially good cars because they leave a trail behind them.
  • The bin is hiding something wonderful, that’s why I’m not allowed put my hands in it or lick it. Luckily I can knock it over when it’s up on the chair “out of my reach”. Although if I do that again it’ll probably go back up on the kitchen counter. But that’s unsanitary, surely? That’s why it was on the chair.  Hmm! I’ll beat them at their own game when it comes to this bin business.
  • Snot is delicious. I don’t know why Mammy keeps wiping it away. Little does she realise, I can make more. Buckets and buckets. Hoking at my nose seems and blowing seems to be a good way of getting it out. Quietly, in a corner, so she doesn’t know.
  • I need to be naked. Shorts and t-shirts are ok, if we are going out. Otherwise, I need to be naked. I especially don’t like those pants and long-sleeved yokes I’ve had to wear lately. I. Just. Don’t. Like. Clothes. I vote we go and live somewhere hotter. Florida’s alright and all, but it’s just not hot enough this time of year.
  • There is no occasion when the “Batman song” is inappropriate. You know, “Nin-ner-nin-ner-nin-ner-nin-ner BATMAN!”. Thanks Mammy, for teaching me that. Everyone loves it. And no, I will not sing anything remotely approximating “Jingle Bells”, no matter how many times you sing it at me. I don’t like it and I don’t need it. “Batman” is the only song I need.

Inspired by Sleep if for the Weak’s Writing prompt #4 Put yourself in the mindset of someone else and write about the world from their perspective.

One Response to “Friday Five”

  1. TheMadHouse December 11, 2009 at 5:57 am #

    The minimads are with him on the naked or nudy rudy doody as they call it!! Even and 4 and 3 they would rather not be contained with cloth

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