Christmas traditions

15 Dec

I have been wondering about this. What shape will our Christmas take? I would like the turtle to grow up and be able to say “In our house we always…” but I can’t fill in the blanks just yet. I’m a little stumped because I know we’ll be moving around a fair bit. So “We always went to the beach” might be nice, but it won’t always be possible. So things will have to vary from place to place.

In our house, we always

  • put the tree up on December 8th and took it down on January 6th – this is one we’ll be doing
  • wrote letters to Santa and “posted” them up the chimney, we even addressed them! – we won’t be able to do this, chimneys won’t be a constant, but we will be able to write letters, and maybe Santa will be able to send us a video reply every year, if he’s not too busy
  • went to visit the relatives on Christmas eve night, picking up and dropping off presents – we won’t be able to do this, but maybe we can open any presents that come in the mail on Christmas eve morning
  • woke up on Christmas morning with the wonderful knowledge that Santa had been, because we could feel the weight of our stockings on the end of the bed – hopefully Santa is still fairly nimble and will be able to get in and out without the turtle knowing
  • went to Mass on Christmas Day – this one we’ll do. Definitely. There’s too much “Happy Holidays” going on over here for my liking, no mention of what the holiday actually is. I had to search high and low for a book with the Christmas story in it for the turtle. High and low. Grrr!
  • spent Christmas Day together as a family, stuffing our faces and watching the tv for the most part, but it was the one day that no one went anywhere (except Mass) – this is another one we’ll try and do. There’ll be no shopping or any other kind of madness on Christmas day

Some other things I remember is that we were always in a Nativity play and that we only ever got to see Santa once a season, not every weekend. I’m not sure I’ll be able to rustle up a Nativity play on my own, unless I have a lot more children, and soon. That was always the school, but maybe the Churches do them over here. And there will definitely be only one visit to Santa.

Some new things I would like to do is have hand made ornaments and cards, activities we can all do together, although seeing as the cards will be posted internationally I may have to set up that little sweatshop some time before Thanksgiving and I’m not sure I’m that organised.

Mad lights outside, more and more every year! Nah. We have nearly enough now, and I’m pretty sure a neon Jesus standing beside a blow-up snowman will not Christmas make.

I shall have to talk to the hubby, see what makes Christmas for him. Maybe together we’ll be able to make Christmas for us all.

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