Salt dough craziness

21 Dec

There really should be a Salt Dough Ornaments for Dummies book. There probably is. I just never bothered to consult it. I saw some really cute ones, for $5 each, mind you. And I thought “$5 for salt, flour  and water! For goodness sake! Surely I can do this myself!” Then I thought we could all do it together. It’s like play-dough, right? Christmasy crafty quality family time. Excellent. So I cursorily browsed the t’interweb, paying very little attention to what I read. Off we went to the shop to buy all purpose flour – the one thing I did absorb was that self-raising just wouldn’t do. And do you know, I came home with self-raising, which was already in the cupboard, AND I didn’t notice until later. Much, much later. 20 hours in the oven later. Oh well. I’m not sure if the lengthy drying time was to do with the type of flour or the fact that we made door-stop sized ornaments. More suited to being paper weights than hanging from a tree. The dough kept clinging to the rolling pin. Like sh*te to a blanket, as my mother would say. So we gave up on the rolling pin and just pounded the dough flat, much to the amusement of the little turtle. So they ended up thick. Granny-sized sandwich thick. Oh well. They’ll probably be completely dry by next year, then outlive us all. Next year, the right flour will be bought and the salt dough will be rolled wafer-thin.  Cute, professional-looking ornaments will result. And maybe a few clunkers because things can be too perfect.

Meanwhile, just to prove I’m not entirely inept, look at these lovely cupcake/muffin things I made.Deliciousness. They were supposed to be for a “Dessert Social”, but we couldn’t go. The turtle is sick. “Maybe a touch of pneumonia.” Waaaah!!


4 Responses to “Salt dough craziness”

  1. Liz December 22, 2009 at 6:49 am #

    Your tree looks so pretty and those cupcakes look pretty yum too! Salt dough is surprisingly hard to get right, I’ve never managed! Good luck next year 🙂 Happy Christmas to you all x

    • turtleturtleturtle December 22, 2009 at 7:36 am #

      That’s the mini-tree in the kitchen. I’m still not sure of the wisdom in putting ten ton ornaments on a teeny tiny tree, but at least they won’t fall off and concuss my son! A distinct possibility!

  2. Leigh Ann December 23, 2009 at 9:58 am #

    I almost fell from my chair from the giggles. I have never made salt dough ornaments before, but I will make sure of the flour when we do. LOL! Thank you for sharing such a lovely story, it will make for wonderful Christmas memories.


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    […] (well, I) decided we should give salt dough a go again. Surely this time we won’t end up with door stop sized ornaments, I thought. It’s just […]

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