22 Dec

The poor turtle is sick. Coughing and choking. Enough snot to feed a small country. And just generally miserable. The doctor reckoned it might be a touch of pneumonia. Pneumonia!! Saying that is one way to get parents to sit up and listen. I thought it was just a cough and a head cold. I still do, a bit. No amount of pointing out things on x-rays will really convince me different. Denial, I suppose. But how do you get pneumonia in Florida? I think he only thought it was pneumonia because under the vaccination regime over here he hasn’t had all of his shots for it. Doesn’t matter that he got those shots in Ireland, and over there it’s just 3 shots. So, here we are struggling to get antibiotics into him, hoping, praying and wishing he’ll be better for Christmas.
Seeing a small child sick and miserable is one of the most heart breaking things in the world. But at Christmas? These things aren’t supposed to happen at Christmas. It makes everything worse.
Still, it’s nothing a steady diet of Sesame street won’t fix. Right?


One Response to “Misery”

  1. TheMadHouse December 22, 2009 at 2:16 pm #

    Poor little mite. I hope things improve fast

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