Christmas quantified

27 Dec

This was our first Christmas together, as a family, in our own home. We were together last year in Ireland, but it was a bit bittersweet because the hubby was only there for ten days and we still had no idea when the turtle and I would be able to join him – having thought it would definitely be before Christmas (we didn’t get here until May 1st).

So I made it clear that we would not be travelling to Ireland or South Carolina, under any circumstances. Nor would anyone be welcome before or during Christmas. Good thing too, seeing as the turtle was sick  (he still is a bit, but not too bad, so long as he doesn’t cough up a lung).

Christmas Eve, I spent the morning finishing the turtle’s stocking, which didn’t come out too badly even if the snowman does look like the fella from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Then we went for a wander around the shops. Luckily it looked like rain, so the outdoor Mall was deserted. That evening we went to one of the hubby’s colleague’s houses for dinner. There were loads of kids there, so the turtle had a whale of a time. Unfortunately they insisted on keeping the door to the pool open because it was hot, so we had to leave after about an hour. We were terrified the turtle would fall in. We came home and I made the stuffing for the turkey while the boys watched The Grinch. Once the turtle was in bed, we helped Santa put his toys together and wrapped them (I think from now on we’ll leave a big sack for Santa to put his toys in, it’s an awful waste of paper, even if the turtle does love ripping them open).

Christmas morning wake up didn’t come until 7am! The best present ever! Because of course we stayed up way too late. Anyway, we brought the turtle and his stocking into our room. He was delighted. He would have been entirely happy with what he got in his stocking – squishy Thomas toys, some generic trains, cars, a packet of buttons and an orange (“Ball!”) He was trying to hold onto everything on the way down the stairs. Naturally we went a bit overboard – the way you do when you have only one child. Still though, he loves his garage and his trains, and his cars and keyboard. Not to mention his books.

Once the present opening was done I put on the turkey and called Ireland. They were all freezing. They had a white Christmas! I was a bit jealous until my mother told me the gas line kept freezing, so she had to keep going out, to throw boiling water on it. Cooking the dinner was taking her an age. All of a sudden sunshine and humidity didn’t seem too bad, even if it didn’t feel like Christmas.

When dinner was an hour or so from ready we went out for a walk. The turtle fell asleep almost immediately. And stayed asleep for FIVE hours. Five hours! Luckily we decided not to wait for him to wake up. The hubby and I had a traditional Christmas dinner together. Then we fell asleep for two hours, waking just before the turtle. When he woke up, the turtle was in great form. He ate more turkey than his father had, sadly eschewing all of the vegetables and the stuffing. He didn’t do too badly though. We played cars and trains for the evening and had a great time.

I hope that this will be how Christmas will always be. Calm, chilled out and relaxed.

We must have done something right, I’ve been dragged out of bed every morning since with cries of “Train, train, go, go!”

All will be right with the world as soon as he gets rid of his cough. There’ll be no stopping him then.


One Response to “Christmas quantified”

  1. TheMadHouse December 27, 2009 at 4:36 pm #

    What a lovely post, fab picture. I am glad you had a great time

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