11 Jan

So, the in-laws have been and gone and I’m going to have a bit of a rant. Even if everything went perfectly well until THE END. But then THE END is the bit I want to talk about.

We spent most of the weekend shopping. That’s what the MIL likes to do. Do not ask why she comes the whole way to Florida to spend hours trawling around the exact same stores they have in South Carolina, leaving us and her Grandson to our own devices, lamenting the fact that we live so far away and that she doesn’t see us often enough when she does lift her head out of the bargain racks at JCPenney. That’s just “who she is” and “what she does”.

Sunday morning then, the hubby and I went to the supermarket (having not been since before Christmas!) leaving the ILs to look after the turtle. He was watching Sesame Street because he had hardly a minute’s peace all morning, what with exhortations to do this and say that, ad infinitum. There was a hope too that he might go to sleep. Anyway, we were gone for over an hour. We came back and I started unpacking the groceries – this is one of my jobs, one that I like. The hubby always puts things up too high or somewhere entirely illogical, leaving me to have to search for HOURS for things I know we’ve just bought, inevitably I end up wondering if I’m going crazy, and then have to ring him at work to ask him. So I put away the groceries. Without help. All of the time. Yesterday though, the MIL was hovering around, so I told her I was fine, to sit down and not to worry about it. I was thinking “You could play with your Grandson” but I said nothing. Back to work I went, putting everything away. Then I started peeling potatoes for dinner. When I looked around (to help FIL with the computer) I could see MIL sitting on the bed, staring at the floor. I thought “Oh no! I’ve made her feel useless (or something). Crap! Better get her a job to do.” So I got the hubby to ask her if she wanted to take the turtle for a walk, so that he could go to sleep. She snapped out of it, and off they went. Then the hubby, silly man, put up the turtle’s hood and he started ROARING. Because everybody knows small boys don’t like having their hoods up even if it is a bit breezy and their Grandma thinks we’re in the Antarctic instead of Florida. Small, tired boys want nothing to do with hoods.

So the MIL came back into the house. I didn’t pay any heed. Busy as I was, preparing every root vegetable under the sun for the dinner. Next thing I know, I see FIL traipsing out of the room with their pillows. I go into the  living room, where the hubby is lying down with the turtle and ask him if they’re going home now. He says “I don’t know.”  Mention of the pillows gets the response “They must be.” A few minutes later, the MIL comes out and says “We’re going to go home now” to which I respond, in perhaps not the friendliest tone (bafflement does that to me) “Why? Sure, I have the dinner on.” And off she goes. I go back into the hubby and send him off to see what’s going on. There’s no explanation and they’re on the road within five minutes. Gone.

“That’s just what she does.”

“She hates to hear him cry.”

Bloody! Bloody! Bloody!

I’m left wondering if there was something I could have done to make things end better. It was their first time staying with us, ever. Apparently, “She does that”. But if someone had warned me of the potential outcome, maybe things might have worked out differently. Then again, she’s not my mother, and if she does need to be insulated from the world, surely it’s not my job to do it.

Bloody! Bloody! Bloody!

One Response to “Weirdness”

  1. TheMadHouse January 11, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    Parents, outlaws, family they are a strange breed. I can do nothing right for my mother, so dont worry about it!!

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