Ta daaaaaa

28 Jan

So, even though my sewing machine has been languishing a bit, sitting neglected and ignored for a few weeks, I have actually managed to make something! Yippeeeeeeee! Something I won’t be ashamed to wear! Or even admit t making. I think “re-purposing” might be the way to go, seeing as I’m not great at cutting or paying attention to what goes what way and madness like that. I mean, the ends are meant to be uneven. They are going to fray….I hope (although the jeans were “stretchy” so I have my doubts. Ahem.)

I now have the confidence to make….well….more of these. I am in the middle of ripping the seams of a pair of 3/4 length cream pants. Which will magically transform into a skirt! With front and back panels. Made from a too short ruffly skirt. Hopefully.

I followed the tips found on Not Martha, kind of. There was less fancy stitching involved in mine. But it seems to be holding out fine. Now, onto skirt made from pants, take two.


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