Togetherness is….

30 Jan

If I could draw, I would have drawn little cartoons to accompany this post. Ones that look like the “Love is….” ones. But mine would feature a short tubby woman with a short tubby baby following her around everywhere.

Togetherness is… you hanging out of my leg while I try to pee.

Togetherness is… feeling toy trains run over my toes, accompanied by tooting and clickety-clacking.

Togetherness is… having every little thing investigated.

Togetherness is… wondering when I’ll get space to breathe.

Togetherness is… breathing in your smell, as you sleep on my chest.

Togetherness is… waking to you, honking my nose.

Togetherness is… when you grab my hand, taking me somewhere you want to go.

Togetherness is…something I treasure around 70% of the time. Please let Mammy pee by herself.

Written for Sleep is for the Weak’s writing workshop.Your prompt is ‘Together’. Share a scene or write something that encapsulates this feeling for you.


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