7 Feb

It’s funny, only now am I starting to like Florida. Now, now that we could be leaving in as little as 5 weeks.  Five weeks! Wow. I say could be because we are definitely leaving. Definitely. And we’re off to California. With a 2 month stop in Colorado on the way. So the hubby can be trained. It’s just the when that’s up in the air. Five weeks from now we could be in Colorado. Or four months from now. The reason it’s so fuzzy at the moment is that one of the hubby’s co-workers (?) has asked us if we would go early. In his stead. His mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he wants to go to Texas so that he and his family can be near her while she is still lucid. So the hubby would take his job and someone else would take the hubby’s job and the guy originally scheduled to go in March would be off to Texas. Easy. But it’s still all up in the air because the military is as bureaucratic as any other governmental organisation (maybe even more so). So we have no idea what’s going on.

And I have just realised that I might actually like it here and a few more months would be nice, especially now that I know where everything is. And have found things for us to do near the house. Still, new places mean new things to do. I just need to get out and enjoy all of the things around here, more fervently and enthusiastically!


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