9 Feb

I joined one of those “Mom” message board things. Mainly as a way to find out what kinds of groups and things there are in my area. You can join a group for your area or lifestyle, for example “military spouses” (lifestyle? Hmm. Not sure). Anyway, I thought it would be a way to meet people. Either in reality or virtually. I was wrong. It just makes me shake my head at the computer. In a similar way to reality TV.  You know, “Who are these people? Surely they’re not real. (Head shake) Tut tut.” All the while, still watching.

So when I get a “Bulletin” in my email from this board, I can’t help but go in and have a little look. Today’s gem was how to discipline a one year old. A one year old. Surely the answer to that is that you don’t? I mean, I have one myself and I can’t imagine trying to put him into a “time out” a la Supernanny (another thing I can’t help but watch, tutting all the while). He wouldn’t understand. He’s one (and a half).

I also can’t imagine what he could do that would make me want to discipline him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s always up to some kind of mischief or something. Always. But mainly he’s just exploring the world. Experimenting and trying new things. So as long as he isn’t hurting himself or others, I just let him get on with it. Even if that means I have a big puddle of water in the kitchen. Or crumbs all over the house. Or sand in the unlikeliest of places. Really, what harm is he doing? I can give myself an ulcer shouting at him or I can join in and have him “help” me clean up.

If/when he starts behaving maliciously, then the issue of discipline will undoubtedly have to be rethought. But now? And the grand old age of 1 and a half? Now, he can explore without repercussions. Surely part of my job is to make the world safe enough for him to be able to explore?


2 Responses to “Discipline!?!”

  1. Jemma February 9, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    Heh. So often you write posts that I agree with so much that I could’ve written them myself 🙂

    • turtleturtleturtle February 10, 2010 at 11:01 am #

      Aww, shucks. Thanks for that! Makes me feel like less of a lunatic 😉

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