Valentines’ Cards

11 Feb

We finished our Valentines’ cards today! Too late for the grandparents to actually get them for Valentines’ Day, but we can consider that my little protest to the whole idea. Say what you like about the whole thing, but getting a Valentines’ card from the in-laws (like I did) is a bit odd. Helping the turtle make his own gets me us out of that whole murky vortex.

We had the carrot prints done, but my ineptitude with the carving meant they looked a bit, well, sorrowful. So I cut out some pictures of roses from a magazine and let the turtle loose with the glue, the glitter and some stickers.

He had a great time. Got glitter in the most unlikely of places. And insisted on adding Spiderman stickers to his masterpieces. The stickers alone kept him occupied for a half an hour.

And the results?

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