A day in pictures

23 Feb

It would seem that even as I pulled my hair out over the shoes thing the turtle was getting over it. She says, with desperation in her voice. Although I do think that he’s reading this blog in secret and the shoe thing will rear its head again as soon as I have published this post. Oh well! The key was going to the beach. He did have a hissy fit when I took off his shoes and he was rather reluctant to put his feet down (which make me wonder if he hurt his foot recently when he had his shoes off?) but once he did, he was grand. He didn’t even notice that I hadn’t put his shoes back on when I put him in the buggy to bring him home (I put mine on in secret like a lunatic). And miracle of miracles, when we got home he got in the bath, with only minor protestations over the removal of his shirt, pants and nappy. A successful day, especially if we don’t mention the 40 minute tantrum over my refusal to give him “kok-o-lit”. A day like that deserves to be remembered in pictures:

Yep, I did give him a bath, then let him play in flour. Peace is precious.


One Response to “A day in pictures”

  1. TheMadHouse February 25, 2010 at 6:38 am #

    Parenting children, never two days the same!!

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