We’re baaaack!

8 Mar

We’re back from the visit to the in-laws, relatively unscathed. There was a touch of cabin fever there towards the end though. The turtle suffered the most, I think. Grandma is mortally afraid of “the cold” and freaked out every time we tried to bring him out. As well, he was fairly limited in the space he had to run around what with all the trinkets and whatnot he wasn’t allowed to get into. So getting home was a bit of a relief. Space to spread our wings, so to speak.

We did manage to squeeze in some other activities too. The Children’s Museum in Charleston was a particular hit.

We stopped in there on the way to the in-laws, having spent the night in a hotel near Savannah, to break up the journey. It passed a good couple of hours. And it meant that the turtle could nap in the car.

On the way back to Florida we stopped in Savannah, for a little wander.Touring a boat and having a spin on the ferry, well that was heaven for a little boy.

Unfortunately, something he ate, or the richness of all of the southern food meant that the turtle puked his guts up just outside of Savannah. Hearing the smallest member of the family throw up in the back seat (rear facing, so we couldn’t really see him) while we were whizzing along the interstate was frightening. Thankfully, once he got it all out and had a run in the fresh air at the rest stop he was grand. Ready for four more hours on the road, this time with Mammy sitting beside him, holding his hand.

We made good time, all things considering. An eight hour journey, completed in a mere twelve hours. I doubt we’ll be doing it again any time soon though. Even if that journey led to a weekend of fun and games.

A Yankees spring training game on Saturday and Busch Gardens on Sunday. Like a real holiday! A holiday that the turtle can’t stop “talking” about. His stories, so far, consist of a list of all of the animals we saw. And his first real sentence, “turtles eeeea-ting nana”, a pause, then “two turtle eeea-ting banana” said with such determination it was one of those tear jerking moments, even if it did occur at 6am. Talking in sentences, that’s another of those milestones, isn’t it. His first real word was “turtle”, and his first real sentence had a turtle in it. I like it.


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