A day out with Thomas

15 Mar

We spent the day with “Thomas” on Saturday. And had a great time. Well, no one cried. At all. And I wasn’t even the mother running out of the place screaming and pulling my hair out, driven mental by the singing. The turtle had a whale of a time. Singing, dancing, shouting for Thomas, playing with trains, colouring, listening to stories, playing pitch and putt and jumping in a bouncy castle. Not to mention riding on Thomas, who was a little musty and yuck, but it’s not like the turtle noticed.

Miami is like a different country though. It was sooo hot down there. Roasting. Just when I had almost forgotten how hot it gets here in the Summer. (Almost enough to agree to retire here! What was I thinking?) And we ran into very few English speakers. I think we stayed in Little Havana, although I can’t be sure. Everyone was really friendly and there seemed to be a real sense of community there. Completely different from here, where we’re surrounded by retirees and snowbirds.

Overall, we had a good day. Although really we could have just stayed at the hotel and not bothered with Thomas or anything else. The hotel was beside the Airport you see, and the interstate and the turtle could see the hotel buses came and go. It was like his own little slice of heaven, minus the trains.


One Response to “A day out with Thomas”

  1. Brandy March 16, 2010 at 1:07 am #

    It looks like you and your family had a blast. I know it is tiring and stressful often, but don’t think about how troublesome,expensive or tiring it is. Instead think of the happiness and good times you and your family will cherish till you grow old.

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