16 Mar

So, while we were down in Miami we thought we were as well to make a weekend out of it. I mean driving the whole way down there, riding on Thomas, then turning around and coming back, where would the fun be in that? There would be none. Especially seeing as we discovered on the ride down that watching DVDs in the car is a big no-no. It makes the turtle puke. That’s why he puked on the way back from South Carolina and that’s why he puked when we were on a four lane interstate with cars whizzing all around us. So no more DVDs in the car.

In days gone by, spending the weekend in Miami would have meant boozing and whatnot. Now? Now it’s going to the zoo. Where we had a great time! Despite the heat. It’s the biggest zoo I’ve ever been in. We wandered around for hours and I’m pretty sure we didn’t see half of it. We did see the important things, the monkeys, lions, tigers, elephants, hippos, flamingos and the turtles. I’m sure we saw other things too, those are just the things the turtle has been raving on about since.

I see a lot of zoos in my future.

Still, I can’t complain. The turtle fell asleep before we had even started the car and slept the whole way home. No need for puke-inducing DVDs.

One Response to “Miami”

  1. Brandy March 17, 2010 at 1:44 am #

    I guess the turtle had a pretty exhausting but fun filled day. And based on the pictures, looks like he enjoyed every single moment. No wonder the turtle was pooped out.

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