I’m in love…

23 Mar
… with a steam mop*.

It would seem that I am more suggestible than I thought. It all began when we went to see the ILs in South Carolina. One of the channels on the tv in the hotel we stayed at on the way there was dedicated almost entirely to infomercials about a steam mop. Not that I watch infomercials, you understand. The tv was pretty low and the turtle kept pressing the buttons, so I had to watch it. Over and over. And the more I watched it, the more I thought “Oooh, what a good idea! Perhaps I might need one of those?” It turns out, I did.

You see, we’ve had forays into the world of “sweepers” and “wet jets” and I hated them. If I had my way they would never have made their way into the house but the hubby bought them when he was young, free and single. He didn’t realise how similar the pad things were to sanitary towels. Seriously, a sanitary towel on a stick. And the washing solution stuff had a rotten smell. Rotten. And seemed to leave a slimy residue on the floor. Yuck.

So I bought a mop and a bucket. And peace reigned. For a week or so. Then laziness took over, because I could only wash the floor when the turtle was sleeping. He runs around at full speed and would slip and break his neck otherwise. So the floors were neglected, again.

Until now. Now, they have been washed twice in three days. And are incredibly clean and shiny looking. I love them. I could invite strangers over to eat their dinners off them. I won’t, but I could, that’s the important bit.

I’m actually waiting for the time I can wash the floors again. Weird.

The things I like?

  • it cleans using only steam, no chemicals
  • you can wash the pockets in the washing machine
  • the pockets are (made of?) microfibre
  • I can see the dirt (soooo satisfying)
  • surely all of that steam is good for my pores

The things I don’t like?

  • the cord is both too long and too short – so long I’m tripping over it, but too short to do the whole house without having to unplug it
  • you have to wash the pockets separately from other clothes to stop them picking up lint and whatnot – kind of negates the whole “green” element, especially as American washing machines don’t have a “small load” option (or even a temperature option (just hot, warm or cold, as if “hot” was a constant, but that’s a different rant)
  • I feel I should always wear shoes when I’m using it. What if I scald my feet?

Still, it’s a winner.

* All of the opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post. (Although I am open to most forms of bribery).


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