Dear So and So

5 Apr

Dear visitors,

I’m glad you were here for the hubby’s promotion. It meant a lot to him. But it meant a lot of work for me. Four loads of towels in four days. Seriously? This is not a hotel. Even hotels make you feel guilty about getting your towels washed everyday with their signs about gallons of water and detergent and whatnot. Do I need to print out signs like that? Do I? I will, you know. And how hard is it to put the recycling in the recycling bin?


Not mentioning the chewing tobacco and the spit cups all over the house….

Dear hubby,

I know you thought I was just being mean when I said I didn’t trust your parents to look after the turtle. Thank you for saying you see where I’m coming from when your mother shut down entirely when the turtle cried because he wasn’t getting his own way. Yes, that is what I’m worried about. I’m not saying it’ll be forever, but for right now, I can’t let them take care of him.

Thanks for understanding.

Dear Mam,

I  know you’re busting to get over here and see us. And I know you want to book tickets and you’re waiting for me to tell you dates. But try and wait until Friday. Please. And if you could shelve your suspicious nature for now, so that you are actually surprised, that’d be great.

We’ll see you on Friday.

Dear house,

If you could see fit to cleaning yourself and maybe sorting out that load of towels in the washing machine?


Thinking about those towels and losing the will to live.

Dear suitcase,

How would you feel about packing yourself full of whatever Winter clothes you can find and standing beside the door?

You have until Thursday.


Panicking again.

Dear turtle,

I’m thinking that waking you up at 5am so that we could drive out to the Cape and watch the shuttle may have been a mistake. I’m sorry. Try not to be too grumpy. And Mammy will too.

We won’t be here for the next one you see…..

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2 Responses to “Dear So and So”

  1. Eileen April 5, 2010 at 7:37 pm #

    Dang, you have patience. I would not have been washing those towels…in fact, I probably would have bought cheap dollar store ones and throw them out when the chewers left *shudders*

    Love your letters 🙂

    • turtleturtleturtle April 7, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

      My mother said I should have just thrown the damp towels into the dryer and given them back to them. She said “if they do that much washing on themselves, sure they weren’t dirty”. I’m not sure I have the gumption for that though.
      The worst thing is the “chew” and the spit cups. By far.
      Thanks for dropping by. Call again. I’ll clear up the spit cups for you!

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