We’ve landed!

10 Apr

We’re here! In Ireland! And if you saw the turtle, you’d think he never left. “He hasn’t made a bit strange” is a constant refrain. “He’s a great young fella” is another. Not to mention “You could bring him anywhere.” You could though. The plane journey, for all of my worrying, wasn’t bad at all.

He didn’t sleep for the first 5 hours. Excitement? Or something. He sat fairly quietly though. “Watching” the tv. Shouting at it. No sound, he wouldn’t countenance the earphones. There was some colouring too. And stickers. And the two little girls next to us. Then there was Gordon. We got him a couple of trains to open on the plane. And he hasn’t left Gordon down since. All of the other toys and randomness I brought with me were superfluous. Luckily too, we were in the bulkhead. And on a flight from Orlando. No matter what, there’ll always be other worse kids on a plane to/from Orlando. And being in the bulkhead meant we got a “bassinet”. What makes a cardboard box a bassinet? A few pillows. He slept in there for an hour or so. Then woke up, shouting “Mammy! Stuck!” Then he slept on my lap for an hour, woke up, drank all of my orange juice and fell back asleep. Until I woke him after we landed.

I had planned on changing his clothes before we arrived into something more suitable than shorts, a t-shirt and no socks. But he was sleeping. I also thought that there would be a jet way (is that what they’re called? The corridors that mean you don’t have to go outside?) But no. Out we came. 5 degrees Celcius (37 Farenheit). A small boy. Perished. Used to 85 Farenheit (30 Celcius). And no sign of the buggy. For a good ten minutes. Brrrrrrrr! Then I had to go through the foreign, foreign immigration line. You know, the not Irish, not EU line. The line where they ask you questions. And you probably should have some kind of form filled in (I didn’t). The turtle still doesn’t have his Irish passport. “Born here, was he? Getting his Irish passport, is he?” said the garda at the immigration desk. More of a command than anything. “Yep”, said I. And he will. As soon as I get myself organised and all three of us are on this side of the Atlantic for more than a couple of days. Someday. Ahem.

Where was I? Oh yeah, through Immigration. Then there was luggage to collect. Why, oh why is Dublin airport designed so that you have to walk the whole way down the luggage hall to get your suitcase, then turn around and drag your suitcase all the way back down the way you came? So that you have people wandering up and down, taking the ankles off of each other with luggage carts. You would thing the door would be at the end of the luggage hall. Then you would only have people walking one way. How hard is that? Honestly? We made it through unscathed. With a small boy in a harness. Walking dreadfully slowly. Annoying all of the busy people. Taking his time. Absorbing everything. I had to get a cart. My suitcase was 50lbs on the nose. Then I had a 20lb car seat. And an umbrella stroller. A lot to manage with a small curious boy. Thankfully my brother was waiting for us.

Once we got the car seat installed, forward facing for the first time, we were off. I thought the turtle would conk out as soon as we got on the road. Nope.  He was in the car for three hours before he fell asleep. Watching everything. You don’t really see cows and sheep in Florida. He has only really seen them in the zoo. And that’s where he thought he was, almost the entire way down. Pointing at every field, shouting “Park! Park! Stop!”, before exhaustion overcame him and he passed out for an hour. Until mean Mammy woke him. To surprise Granny.

My brother had told her he was going kayaking for the weekend, so when he walked in she asked him what he was doing home “It was cancelled” he said. Then we walked in. “F************CK” said she. “Ye b*llockses ye!” She nearly had a heart attack. She’s still looking around going “I can’t believe ye’re here. Me boyeen! And me baby!” Delighted is probably the best word. Delighted.


4 Responses to “We’ve landed!”

  1. TheMadHouse April 11, 2010 at 4:20 am #

    Oh I am so glad that you have both made it in one peice!!

  2. skippedydoodah April 12, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    Best mama reaction EVER!!! 😀 Hope you’re having an awesome time. x

    • turtleturtleturtle April 12, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

      I actually imagined more swearing. Much more. She reckons she’s “still not right”.

  3. jemma April 12, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    🙂 So happy the journey went well and you got such a great reaction! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

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