12 Apr

There’s great comfort in being “home”, isn’t there? Of course home is now where my little family is, yet, at the same time, it’ll still always be my parents’ house. Always. It doesn’t matter that I’m doing all of the parenting and mothering. Or the cleaning. Or the cooking. It’s the familiarity. The smells. The sounds. The memories. Not to mention the people.

I’m lucky in that this is the only house I ever remember living in as a child. We moved here when I was around 18 months or so and I lived here until I went to university at 17. And again on and off until almost a year ago. There was talk of moving a few years ago, but nothing came of it. And, selfish as it may be, I’m a bit glad. It would be weird if this house existed and wasn’t ours. Just weird. Weird. Weird. Weird. “Home” will always be here.

And I think that this is especially true now that we’re a military family. I think that this will be the constant for us. The place we can always come to. Maybe not for the hubby, but for me, and, by the looks of it, the turtle too. You would honestly think he had never left. Everything seems to be familiar to him. He is comfortable everywhere and with everyone here.

If the hubby gets deployed the (tentative) plan is that the turtle and I come here. Perhaps rent somewhere nearby, just so we’re not all on top of one another, smothered. The theory is that we would have more support here. Not just familial, but community support too. There are good and bad points to small towns, but the best has to be the support that seems to be there whether you want it or not.

So we’re “home” now. Then we’ll be at home in Florida for a week or so, before we move to California to make a home there. Knowing that this place will always be here is comforting and makes all of the other changes that are coming that much easier to deal with. Well, I can imagine myself dealing with the changes of the coming months. Whether I will or not remains to be seen.


2 Responses to ““Home””

  1. heartful blogger April 13, 2010 at 10:25 am #

    It’s important. I lived a nomadic existence as a child (my father was in the UN) and never had a sense of one place being home. Even though I’ve been in London for over 10 years now, I still don’t know where home is.

    • turtleturtleturtle April 14, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

      I’m hoping that this house, or at least this town, will serve as the turtle’s “hometown”. Everyone knows him and talks to him. He seems to belong. So far, anyway.

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