15 Apr

There has been no puking for 48 hours (she says, jinxing it). Not only that, there has been eating. And more eating, and more eating. Hurrah! She says quietly, just in case the Gods of small children and vomit are listening.

In other news, about the small boy, his speech is coming on in leaps and bounds. He knows everyone’s names. Even the dog’s, well sort of. The dog’s name is Paulo (after a musician of some sort, a guitarist, I think) and he calls him “Paul”. There’s a lot of “Pa-ul … baaaket … out, out,out!” He’s still a bit wary of poor “Paul”, but he’s getting used to him. Him and next door’s dog “Ggyp-shee” (Gypsy).  Other things he has learned:

  • his surname – so cute!
  • “Wheya ah ya?”
  • “Play wit me?”
  • “Goin’ shopssss”
  • “Chips!”
  • “I got it”
  • “‘Merica” – in response to the question “Where is Grandma/Papa?”
  • “Pear”
  • “My do it”
  • “sink”
  • “sweep”

And so many more. My brain is hiding. Oh, “walrus” is another one. But there are many, many more. He was already a blatherer, but now that he has so many people to interact with, well there’s no stopping him. None.

It’s great fun watching him though. Great fun!


One Response to “Talking”

  1. heartful blogger April 16, 2010 at 1:19 pm #

    I love this phase!! Jake keeps saying new words every day. His latest is bupkiss. I worked out that it means bacon crispy. He’s only allowed one or two a day and yet he says it like it’s the only thing he eats!

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