The house is empty…

8 May

… well, practically. Except for the stuff that the hubby has deemed “valuable”, which must, MUST, be brought with us. How it’s going to fit in the car is another story. A puzzle for him to sort out for himself. I shall have no hand, act, nor part in it. Can you tell I think he intends on taking too much crap stuff? Oh well.

The house is also cleaner than it has ever been. I’m telling you I shall look at our next house with different eyes on moving in day. I shall be one of those people who insists on everything being pristine before I will even set foot in it. Because now I know how clean it has to be before we can leave it. The hubby is a much better tenant than I would ever be on my own. I’m inclined to say “Shag it!” Honestly, if I were a landlord and had people pay the rent reliably for a year, the least I would expect to do would be to have someone in to clean it. Reasonably clean is fine, isn’t it? I think so.  Not if you are my husband though. Then things have to be shiny, sparkly, good as new clean. Bitter, me? Perhaps, a bit. We even had the carpets steam cleaned. Professionally. We’re the best tenants I know. And we’ll probably still be fined for some kind of “damage”. That’s another thing I don’t understand. If you want your house pristine, don’t rent it out. There’s bound to be wear and tear, bound to be. You can’t then assess that and deem it “damage”. No use worrying about it now. We’ll see what they say on Wednesday. Although I am ready to be mad. A nut job, me? Maybe.

I’d love to be on the road already. Past Alabama. Properly on the road. The Alabama stop is to see the ILs. So, for me the journey won’t begin until we’re in New Orleans – a stop we’re making because we’re passing near there and we both think it would be cool to go (the turtle would agree, if he were able to offer an opinion, I’m sure).

What I should be doing is enjoying where we are. We’re staying in a little bungalow, about 20 feet from the beach, in Florida. We won’t be back here for quite a while, if ever. But in my head we’re already moving. So we should be gone. It’s awful, isn’t it.

Let’s not think about the fact that we have absolutely no idea where we will be living when we get to California. No idea.



4 Responses to “The house is empty…”

  1. isadori May 8, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    Good luck with the house check-out. You’ve reminded me of one house we rented that came with a massive ring-binder full of instructions that included things like ‘please close the curtains in the living room every time you leave the house so that the sunlight doesn’t fade the sofa’. We should’ve packed up and run away immediately but we didn’t. We got fined for all kinds of things when we left: marks where things had been put on the table (who’d put things on a table, eh?!) and because the lavender outside the front door had grown (?!?!) but we didn’t get any compensation for the dangerously leaking gas oven and the 6 week delay on installing the shower. Oh no. In fact, we got fined for the chip the workman put in the worktop when he fixed the oven that we didn’t break! Bitter? Me? Oh nooooo. This was 4 years ago and I still seethe when I’m reminded of it. Thanks soooo much for triggering the memories with your blog post 😉

    • turtleturtleturtle May 12, 2010 at 7:01 pm #

      It all went great in the end. Well, not great for the hubby who had to wait 40 minutes while the “inspectors” sat in the office arguing about who would go. He didn’t even charge us for the bit of the fridge we broke, because it wasn’t on the list 🙂 (the bit that holds up the veg drawers). Hurrah!
      Anticipation is always worse than reality, I find.
      While we’re sharing horrible landlord stories (although I can’t top yours), while was in Japan my apartment building manager called my office and told them to tell me to open the windows because “foreigners smell”! It was snowing that day!!?! Snowing! He got to know me later and stood up for me when our neighbours complained that we were walking too loudly! He may not think that foreigners smell anymore. A small victory for me, I think!

  2. isadori May 8, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    P.S. Good luck with the move and have fun on your journey! xx

  3. TheMadHOuse May 9, 2010 at 2:32 am #

    I hope that you have a safe journey and I can not wait to hear more about it all

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