Dear So and So

14 May

Dear Florida,

We’re off today. We might well miss you. Not the heat, or the gargantuan bugs, or the humidity. But perhaps your beaches, your wildlife, the myriad of things to do and of course, the few friends we have managed to make. Oh, and your parks. Brevard county has the best parks. And so many of them. They’re fabulous. If only someone would think of putting changing tables in the loos and maybe a fence or two around the lakes and ponds, just for the more skittish among us.

It’s cool that our final farewell will (or at least could) involve a shuttle launch.


The family who might be back to retire if we forget how blooming hot it is here.


Dear hubby,

Next time we move, your “valuables” will not be coming in the car with us. Chances are, yes, they could be stolen. But there is a greater chance of them being thrown from a moving car on the interstate. Think long and carefully about which you would prefer before loading the car up with crap the next time.

Loving you,

Your wife (whose temper may well be ever so slightly frayed)


Dear turtle,

I’m not sure what we are thinking, bringing you on a “road trip” for two whole weeks. Try to bear with us. We will be searching, together with Google and the GPS, for every Childrens’ museum, zoo, and aquarium between here and California.

We’re going to have fun or go mental trying,

Your parents.


Dear Mam and Da,

Yes, we miss you. Asking and asking won’t help me articulate it any better.

We love you.


Dear Me,

An ounce of patience wouldn’t go astray.

Don’t forget to breathe.

And try and find your sense of humour while you’re at it.


Cowering for cover.



2 Responses to “Dear So and So”

  1. Autumn May 14, 2010 at 9:17 am #

    Hahaha I love these! I hope your trip goes smoothly for all involved!

  2. TheMadHouse May 14, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    Good luck

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