Day 1…….

15 May

And yes, the car was too full of stuff. And by car, I mean mahoosive American SUV type thing. And may I just say (in a whisper) “I told you so!” I won’t mention any kind of spatial awareness deficit. Ahem.

Filling the car up with stuff meant that we were behind “schedule”.  (Note to self: stop making schedules. Timelines. Expectations. All will be useless on this journey. And you just get yourself worked up. Stop! Right! Now!) So our “plan” to spend the morning at the Kennedy Space center before the launch was scuppered a bit. We decided to go to the Astronaut Hall of Fame instead as we had never been there and we already had the tickets. It was a madhouse. A madhouse. We lasted about an hour. It was almost too crowded to breathe. So we went out to the Cape (we had a placard for the Air Force side) even though we had already “decided” we would leave from Kennedy so we wouldn’t have to backtrack. But an hour in an air conditioned car will always be better than an hour in a place too crowded to breathe.

The shuttle launch was cool. Cooler than the other ones I’ve seen, mainly, I think because I knew it would be the last one we’d see. Still though, the shuttle launch hoopla meant we were stuck in traffic for over an hour. Not the most auspicious start. Tempers got frayed. There was an emergency stop and a leap from the front seat into the back. Followed by much singing of songs and rhymes and whatever myself and the hubby could dredge up from our collective childhood memories. We made it to Jacksonville before we HAD to stop. And we HAD to stop at a bookstore so that the turtle could play (most large bookstores have train tables). So we all relaxed, and managed to have some horrendous Chinese food before we continued on. Emergency supplies, in the form of a Weesongs CD and a sticker book had been purchased. So things were much calmer. The turtle fell asleep within 20 minutes and we were able to make it to Moody AFB in Georgia.

Today we WILL make it to Alabama to see the in-laws.

Say a prayer…………


One Response to “Day 1…….”

  1. TheMadHouse May 15, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    MadDad and the boys were very envious about the shuttle launch. I am praying for a safe trip for you all.

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