Day 2…….

15 May

Oh so much better than day 1. Still not ideal, but definitely better. Although, if I hear that Weesings CD again I may have to smash the CD player. And the sticker book didn’t live up to its superstar potential. Maybe magnets are the way to go?

We spent the morning at Moody, as there was a park right outside our window. The turtle got up at 7:00. He was in the park (with Daddy) at 7:04. Dressed and everything. He pottered around there for a couple of hours and conked out when we left at around 11 – we had to stop and buy socks for the turtle, I forgot them despite packing everything under the sun. Everything except socks. Featherheaded Mammy.

With the turtle sleeping we were able to make it a couple of hours. To Dawson, where we had something to eat. Then to Benning, the screaming in the backseat necessitated a park stop. We stopped somewhere else an hour later, at a fast food joint with a play place. There was wailing from the back seat. We finally got here (Oxford, Alabama) at around 8.

It was tough being on a schedule. From Tuesday we won’t have to worry about that anymore. We’ll have “loads of time”. That’s what the hubby says anyway. He’s actually worried about getting there too early!

So far, we have learned

  • four hours in the car is enough or we all get a bit crazy
  • activities/touristy things should be done in the morning so that the turtle can nap in the car
  • if it’s too hot to be outside in the afternoon in Georgia or Alabama, it will definitely be too hot in New Mexico and Texas
  • some loose planning will have to be done, so that there are actually things to do/see everyday (or every second day, at the very least)
  • fast food gets old quickly

We’re back on the road on Monday. Can you hear the enthusiasm in my voice? Good. I’m sure it’ll be back as soon as the numbness wears off my bum.

Here’s hoping………


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