New Mexico

27 May

I’m having a bit of bother remembering what day it is, never mind what day of the trip it is. Time zones have us all confuddled. And I’m having to look at hotel stationery to figure out where it is we are. Let’s not mention the blind panic when I’m outside of the hotel room by myself, trying to remember today’s room number.

Oh well.

Yesterday we were in New Mexico. In Albuquerque. There was a little more outdoor activity than we’re used to, what with visiting Santa Rosa State park, the Sandia peak tramway and historic downtown Albuquerque. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that we went to Santa Rosa park yesterday, I think it was the day before, on the way to Albuquerque. But I can’t be sure. See? No idea what day it is. I distinctly remember the tramway though. I’m not great with heights you see. And that’s the longest “unsupported” tram in the world. I mean, of course it is supported, but it has the longest distance between the towers or something. The engineering is a marvel. Apparently. It was marvellous to get up and down safely, that’s for sure. And the views were spectacular. The turtle certainly enjoyed it. “Up high sky.” It was like being a superhero on a train. His two favourite things at the moment.

THe historic downtown part of Albuquerque was very pretty and quaint. And all of the little shops prompted me to search for a tangible reminder of our trip. So all of the pottery stores had to be examined. Thoroughly. Until I found THE pot. It’s white with turtles carved into it. Two of which are turquoise. It’s lovely. I have no pictures, because it’s wrapped in the paper equivalent of a small tree. But here are some pictures of our New Mexico adventure:

(I can’t get the photos in the right order. Arrgghhhhh!!! Maybe later.)


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