9 Jun
  • Waiting to see this house is like waiting for someone to call after a first date. What if it doesn’t like us? What if it’s not as bright and shiny under the lights?
  • How are we going to survive two more weeks in this tiny little cubby?
  • Why am I so reluctant to finish the jumper I have been knitting for the past week? One sleeve and the sewing up to do. And I have lost steam.
  • Why/how has my husband suddenly become obsessed with basketball? What’s the point in just watching the play offs? Why react to calls like you’re the one playing and give your wife a heart attack with all the shouting?
  • Why is the floor so sticky?
  • How much childrens TV does it take to make an otherwise (probably) sane adult a bit mental?
  • Why is this the one town without a bookstore? Why? Why? Why? And how will I survive? How?
  • How long will this resolve to learn to drive last? Will it get me past the paper test bit? ? ? ?

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