15 Jun

The hardest part of this move  has been being confined in such small spaces. First the car and random hotel rooms and now this place, the temporary lodging facility.I just don’t feel comfortable here. And I want to go “home”. Where we’ll have more than one room to roam around in, a safe garden for the turtle to play in, and our “stuff”. I was under the impression that I didn’t care about stuff, but parenting a toddler, you do need at least some “stuff”. I can try and keep him occupied as much as I want, but when you can’t really do any “messy play” or “arty” things, you have toys and DVDs (or deebeedeebees as he calls them) and I’m sick of playing with trains and watching Thomas. I long for just one day with no TV. It’s hard to distract him when it’s the biggest thing in the (one) room.

And my stuff. I want my sewing machine. Fair enough, I’ve barely used it enough to get the newness out of it, but I miss having it there in the corner, waiting (to be ignored). Oh and my rice cooker. I have learned how not to burn rice from My Daddy Cooks, but a rice cooker to me is like the deep fat fryer was to my mother, an everyday fixture.  Cooking is a different experience when your kitchen is the size of a postage stamp and joined to your living space. Shouts of “Turtle cooking, turtle cooking” mean that himself is fiddling with the knobs.

It’s just two more days though. The “stuff” arrives on Thursday. We might even be unpacked by the time the weekend is over. Might. The hubby says the movers will help us to unpack. Here’s hoping!

In the meantime, I’ve gotten myself a pair of knitting needles (or three) and some yarn. And I have knitted my first ever jumper. For the turtle. It’s a bit wonky but he seems to like it. At least he didn’t eschew it the way I did with the jumper my mother knitted me – to be fair, it was itchy, really itchy. He likes fiddling with the bits of thread peeking out of the sleeves. He says “Mammy do-ning it. Cozee. Cozee.” (Can you hear my heart melt?)

I’ve started another one. With a hood! I even have a tape measure now, so this one shouldn’t be wonky.

And I got some crayons for the turtle, so cries of “Thomas” are now interspersed with cries of “Cray-nons! Colouring!”. The TV is even ignored sometimes.

Soon. Soon. Just a couple of more days. And we’ll be “home”.

One Response to ““Stuff””

  1. isadori June 16, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

    So glad to hear you’ll soon be settled again. Love the gorgeous jumper!

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